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"Bibi McGill is a multi-dimensional manifester on a mission to activate change and inspire truth with strength, authenticity and vulnerability. She’ll walk you down the path to vibrate higher while encouraging you to excel and evolve in ways you never imagined possible!"
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“7 Days To Vibrate Higher”

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This is Bibi’s new yoga/wellness series that will guide you thru some simple and practical regimens to incorporate into your life to help you live more vibrantly. Each of the 7 videos is only 10-25 minutes long and covers a variety of practices from yoga, tea ceremony, ritual, DIY, and more, making it very practical for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. This introduction series is a precursor to upcoming videos where we will explore each topic more deeply. Offered for a donation of your choice.

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Coming soon…..medicine bags, yoga mats, yoga bags, water bottle covers and more!!!!!

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"7 daye to vibrate higher"